Fine Turgrass Management

Fine Turgrass Management

Steve Cook, CGCS, MG - Director of Agronomy

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hand Watering

Hand Watering vs. Syringing
by Shane Lohman, ISU Turfgrass Intern

Hand Watering and Syringing are two very essential watering practices used on greens during high stress periods.

Hand watering is normally done in the morning with the sole intent to move water down into the root zone for uptake by the turf.

Syringing is typically done during the midday heat to cool the leaf tissue and to remove sugars released during photosynthesis. Syringing the turf is a light application or misting that does not allow the water into the root zone.

Both of these techniques are of vital importance in maintaining consistent dry surfaces without the use of sprinkler heads. These practices allow the application of water to go exactly where it is needed.

Hand watering and/or syringing cannot be scheduled around play, and can occasionally cause some minor inconveniences to the players. Not allowing these timely needed cultural practices to avoid disrupting play can lead severely stressed turf or even turf loss.

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