Fine Turgrass Management

Fine Turgrass Management

Steve Cook, CGCS, MG - Director of Agronomy

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tree Removals II

Today we removed a Silver Maple from the back right of #1 green. This will allow approximately 3 hours of winter sun to help melt snow and ice from the more susceptible section of the green.

The following awesome photos are a perfect example of how trees and their shade patterns have a negative influence on healthy putting surfaces.

The large dark shadow is the tree trunk that has yet to be removed. The section of the green in full sun was - prior to today - in full shade from the tree canopy for the past 50 years. The left side of the photo shows the canopy shade from the remaining tree.

Tree trunk shade -without canopy shade pattern across green

Trunk of Silver Maple back right #1 South

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  1. Awesome. Keep up the good work. The more trees removed the better!!