Fine Turgrass Management

Fine Turgrass Management

Steve Cook, CGCS, MG - Director of Agronomy

Friday, February 3, 2017

Volunteering Mission for The Turf Team

Each year the Turf Team does at least one volunteer project. The past 2 years its been with Habitat for Humanity.

Here is the homeowners story:

The road to home ownership is not always an easy one. Cindy, 45, knows this first hand. Until 2010, she was a successful Occupational Therapist and mother of two young children. Suddenly, she became very ill and her life was thrown into chaos. She was admitted to the hospital. Tests later revealed her diagnosis: Lyme disease. Though her passion was caring for others, she was now being cared for herself. Cindy would spend the next six years regaining her strength from the disease’s devastating effects. She’s stronger than ever and can’t wait to tackle life’s next challenge: home ownership.

The Turf Team 2017

Currently, Cindy and her children live in a cramped trailer home. She wants nothing more than for her children to have a safe, peaceful space to grow and play as well as a respite for her to pray and heal. “The kids and I love being outside. James is involved in baseball and Cub Scouts. Samantha is a Girl Scout and I am a troop leader,” Cindy says.

Though Cindy is as positive a person as one can get, she admits that her situation comes with its own challenges. “I am a single mother with two children trying to support our family on disability and a part time job.” She has longed for a home of her own for many years. “It would be awesome to own a home instead of rent. This would be a new start for the kids and I.”

Cindy is “grateful, thankful and joyful” about the home she has selected in Oak Park that will be rehabilitated for her with the sweat and hard work of Habitat Oakland County’s Women Build team. Being a part of the Habitat Homeownership Program is just a small part of the big life that Cindy has planned for herself and her children. In five years she sees herself, “Stronger and healthier. I plan to be back to working full time. The kids and I with be established in our homes and lives, financially secure and saving for the future.” She shares this message to Habitat’s volunteers: “You are making a huge difference in our lives by volunteering your time to work on our home. Thank you!”

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