Fine Turgrass Management

Fine Turgrass Management

Steve Cook, CGCS, MG - Director of Agronomy

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cold Temps

Part of our winter maintenance program is to clear snow from greens. It helps reduce (not eliminate) the chance of melting snow turning to ice, a dangerous situation on the South Course annual bluegrass greens. The South greens have a history of susceptibility to winter damage.

Ideally, we would leave the snow on the greens when the temperatures are below 25 degrees and remove it when we see the forecast above 30 degrees. Snow cover during exteremly low temperatures provides insulation.

However, open greens during very low winter temperatures also have risk as the survivability of annual bluegrass decreases. All of the South greens are open and exposed to the freezing weather. As of today they look good and we believe they will come through in fine shape. But ... it will be important to understand that annual bluegrass greens are ALWAYS at risk anytime of the year.

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