Fine Turgrass Management

Fine Turgrass Management

Steve Cook, CGCS, MG - Director of Agronomy

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pruning New Oak Trees

The Oak trees we have planted over the past 5 years are in need of attention. We typically wait a few year after installation before pruning so the trees can become established. Most or all of the branching structure you see on these Oaks will not be there at maturity, so our objective in pruning is to establish a strong central leader and eliminate poor structure.

We prune in the winter to avoid the spread of Oak Wilt disease. The disease has been found in 21 States, with considerable damage occurring in the Midwest including southern to mid-Michigan. It was first recognized as an important disease in 1944 in Wisconsin. The fungus is spread by beetles and the main period of infection is in the spring, so pruning in the winter is critical.

Julie Stacheski from Site Specific

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