Fine Turgrass Management

Fine Turgrass Management

Steve Cook, CGCS, MG - Director of Agronomy

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ice Layer

During my walk of the South Course today I noticed a thin, airy layer of ice throughout the golf course. It's not very thick, breaks up easily and I believe will melt with the upcoming forecast.

The layer is thicker on flat surfaces like tees. The undulating greens have a thinner layer and I'm confident at this point that some sun will melt what is there.

If it remains next week, we will remove the ice from the most susceptible greens with shovels.


  1. Steve,
    I am not sure if you are seeing the same situation that we saw here in Birmingham, but the ice formation is not happening directly on the green but in all of the different "layers" of fabric that form the tarp. This, in my mind, make of it a porous surface that allows air flow plus is easy to break or melt.

  2. Vic, agree. Looked like plenty of air within the ice, so turned out not to be much of a problem.