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Fine Turgrass Management

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

From the Archives

From the forbidden jungles, located by a team of intrepid explorers, comes a long lost manuscript from the early years of sir Al Prevost. Once thought to have perished in a suspicious blaze, this little known work was reportedly penned during one of Al's self discovery trips to the wilds of South America.

Here, for the first ... and perhaps only time, is a seminal work by one of golf's great scribes.

The Captain

Yes, I'm captain of an industry
and golfing is my game,
and when I leave the course
it never is the same,
Cause I seldom fix a bunker
or a ballmark on a green,
and my divots in the fairway
just litter up the scene.

Oh, I'm captain of an industry
and always pay my dues,
which I believe entitles me
to do just what I choose,
so I drive my little golf car
where' ere I want to be,
without regard to path or sign
or bunker, green or tee.

Hey!, I'm captain of an industry
and rules I don't abide,
I do my thing the way I want,
the way that I decide,
Codes of dress and rules of golf
I basically ignore,
for captains such as I , I'm sure,
find restrictions such a bore.

So if you see a captain
who's tearing up the course,
It's sure to test your patience
as you realize the source,
and you know it won't be helpful
no matter what you do,
but think about the way you play
so the captain isn't you.

Sir Al Prevost
(date unknown)

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